Why we are the best

We value our clients and are eager to insure complete client satisfaction

Product is produced fresh daily at 6AM and delivered within a few hours. Product quality is guaranteed to average at 3TDS PPM. We utilize Alpha laboratories to test inspect quality regularly. Additional components for cleansing product is implemented such as multiple layers of UV, carbon filters, and Ozone technology
We are available at client convenience via Text. We offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee or free service for month policy. We are extremely confident in our ability to keep clients happy.
We guarantee the lowest prices in the industry. Our prices are unbeatable with our price match policy!

Serving 5k-10k end users daily!

Largest Privately owned local Water Delivery company

Available is a snapshot of "some" of our clients. Water World serves Public schools, Hospitals, government orgs, medical patients, small businesses, and of course thousands of residents also!

Daily Bottles Sold

Water World distributes between 200-600 bottles on a daily basis!

Service Area

Water World serves the whole bay area! Every major city is covered and nearly all major cross streets have Water World clients!

Industry Experience

Water World has been operating for over 23 years with daily distribution!

Step 1: Start Service

Call Us to signup & receive your first delivery within 3days. Try the product, pay only if you're happy.

Step 2: Request refill

Order refills when you Start your Last bottle. Place your empty bottles outside your front door. A driver will arrive with refills within 3days, typically next day

Step 3: Automated Deliveries

After requesting the first couple refills, the system will now be able to auto predict when the next delivery date should be. The system will now begin to auto text notify you that a refill is recommended. With your approval, the system will dispatch a driver.

Step 4: Share your experience

We are extremely confident clients will have a great experience, but you're welcome to share feedback on our Yelp/Google pages We offer 100% satisfaction guarantee, feel free to Text us if ever necessary at (408)723-7465

About Us

Who we are

Since 1999, people have been enjoying the great taste of Water World's bottled drinking water. Distinguished as a leading provider of Reverse Osmosis, refreshing bottled water, we offer the convenience of home or office bottled water delivery. Easily found on store shelves throughout Bay Area California. We are the official bottled water of many well-known businesses and medical facilities across Northern California. Water World RO water is water drinkers' preferred choice at home, at work or at play.

Low Price Policy

Our products are of the highest quality but at the lowest prices! We invest heavily into robotic automated quality controlled production procedures with a focus on high volume output to allow efficient operations. This allows us to operate at scale and pass the savings to clients!

Water Supply Responsibility

We assume responsibility to insure water supply is always available at client site. Our system will study drinking patterns & after couple month data analytic review, our system can predict/forecast exactly when the next delivery date should be. The system will begin to auto dispatch drivers to client sites

Fast Deliveries

We offer Next day delivery guarantees at $4.99 RUSH fee. We also offer Standard 3 day delivery

Our Clients

We are extremely confident in our ability to insure complete satisfaction as we have been doing for our thousands of clients for over 23 years! We manage water supply at 5k-10k clients daily!